Hand Picked List: Soo SNOW Ready

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Published on 01/14/20

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User comments on Soo SNOW Ready

Lost_Treasures says: January 14, 2020

vintagesuffolk, – Anything there for SOO_FREEZING_COLD_READY ? – in some areas in AB Thermometer read 45.7 below this morning. BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR – Those Huskies will be getting their excercise without me today. -

Nice List -

Starfisher says: January 15, 2020

Sometimes I wish we had snow, but most of the time I’m glad we don’t. Nice boots!!

VintageVarietyShop says: January 15, 2020

Very COOL picks!

AudiLee says: January 18, 2020

We were just at the snow, up by Lake Tahoe.. so very pretty. The Grandkids took sleds and had a blast, I had fun watching them but it was soooo cold! I really needed to have some better gear.. like some of these right here on your list! Great list, vintage :)