Hand Picked List: Padme Amidala Naberrie...

"Queen, Senator of Naboo ~ Star Wars Collectibles"
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Published on 07/01/20

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Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

AudiLee says: July 01, 2020

Hi :) to answer my own question, as far as the humans? went.. I always liked Leia and Padme.

Lost_Treasures says: July 01, 2020

I Never was a Fan of Star Wars – Nice Picks Audi, -

AudiLee says: July 01, 2020

Awww, well we all have different tastes and interests for sure, Lost. I’m a big Sci Fi geek :D

Starfisher says: July 02, 2020

What a great list for any collector to choose from. Always loved the Sci-Fi shows. I was a Star Trek fan as well.

VintageVarietyShop says: July 02, 2020

I love this list Audi and have loved Star Wars from the beginning! Let’s hear it for the Star Wars women!

quadrina says: July 03, 2020

Yoda was my favorite! Great list Audi, as always …… from quadrina :)

AudiLee says: July 04, 2020

Hi Starry Jan, me too :D Had a big crush on Mr. Spock forever :D LOL Hi Vintage, Yay!!! I hear that, the women ROCK!! I really like Rey too, in the more recent trilogy. Hi quadrina, Yoda is super-cool :) I always liked him too!

AudiLee says: July 13, 2020

Looks like something sold. I’m jealous… I probably wanted it :D