Hand Picked List: Joyful..

"may your hearts be filled with joy <3"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 11/16/21

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What makes you feel joyful?

AudiLee says: November 16, 2021

My grandchildren make me feel joyful because they are such a joy ;) <3

VintageVarietyShop says: November 16, 2021

Awww, what a sweet comment Audi, and this is a very uplifting list. I feel joy when I think of the love my family shares, and also when I see a beautiful sunset, or a lovely full moon.

Robin1 says: November 16, 2021

Very joyful! Nice picks!

QuoiDeNeuf says: November 17, 2021

That Joy perfume is a joy to wear! Always been a favorite of mine. Nice finds!

Starfisher says: November 17, 2021

Just waking up every morning to another beautiful day brings me joy. I am learning to treasure every minute. Thank you for including one of mine, that also brings me joy, as do you!

vintagesuffolk says: November 17, 2021

The world needs more joy. Love your theme.

jewelrymandave says: November 19, 2021

Thank you for including my “Peace, Faith, Joy” Pendant in your HPL my friend, i sincerely appreciate it!

BlingBlinkyofTEXAS says: November 24, 2021

Thank you for always finding wonderful reasons to create amazing lists Audi Lee!!
Joy to YOIU!
Thanks again!
Bling Blinky of TEXAS

AudiLee says: November 24, 2021

Well hi ladies and gents, thanks for all your great comments! :) You are right, these are all things that make us feel joy and love in our hearts.. families, friends, special moments. We all need a little joy, things get so busy and hectic this time of year, we can get lost in the midst of it all. Find that special time for yourself, too.. you deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone! <3 Audi