Bring the simplicity of Bonanza to notes and planning

If you like Bonanza, you’ll love Amplenote: a free tool that helps organize, prioritize and complete everything on your list.

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In the past 10 years, no marketplace has been more recommend by third-party sellers than Bonanza:

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How do we keep beating much larger competitors?

We invest in tools that create leverage for our small team to perform like a huge one (but without the extra overhead of coordinating a huge team)
We design our company such that its roadmap is driven by customer requests

A few years ago, we wondered "what would happen if we took those principles and applied them more broadly than a marketplace?"

Thus was born our the flagship product for Getting Stuff Done, it's called Amplenote.

Amplenote is the tool we've built to tackle our biggest everyday challenge:

What to focus on next?

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It starts with our mobile app, where you can capture an idea in less than five seconds. From there, you organize ideas, marking those that are Important/Urgent, due at a particular time, or quick to get done.

Then Amplenote works its magic through its proprietary Task Score, as described by productivity expert Shu Omi (25,000 Youtube subscribers):

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Prioritize to-dos with task scoring
Schedule tasks and sync calendars
Capture thoughts in daily notes
Link and preview other notes
Add footnotes for extra details
Password-protect sensitive notes
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“Amplenote is the best note-taking app I've found for transforming ideas into actions... No other note-taking app does to-do lists so well.”
“I started using it and within 48 hours I feel totally and completely in control of my to-do list. I had one on my list for at least a year and it's done! All because of Amplenote."
- Sarah Lora
“For all competitors, the main dealbreaker was app speed and offline support. Amplenote is the standard to which I hold other apps to for speed, offline support, and general usability optimizations."
- Finlay Small
“You have created an incredible product. I'm a pastor and I have so many uses with this from sermon prep to taking notes that I connect to each other for pastor care/counseling to task/project management.”
- Brian Holland

If you like Bonanza, we think you'll love Amplenote. It's an operating system to help busy people make the most of their life. Try it today free – no credit card required.