Crosslisting app/software for bonanza ebay and facebook marketplace?

I’ve been looking for a cross listing service that will work with the 3 platforms I sell on – ebay, bonanza, and facebook marketplace. All that I come across with do ebay and bonanza or ebay and facebook, but I haven’t come up with one that does all three. A lot of other selling platforms, but I’m not on those.


asked about 1 year ago

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SamPuzo says: January 06, 2021

Try using List Perfectly…

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You could use the one that crosslists on eBay and Facebook, and then import your items to Bonanza from eBay.

answered about 1 year ago

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See tomwayne1's booth

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wonndunn says: January 06, 2021

Maybe. I use Bonanza as my primary store though – i have both the booth and the webstore with Bonanza. So I tend to have more items here than I do on either Ebay or Facebook. But that’s an option I’ll definitely consider. thanks,

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alenaofficial says: October 21, 2021

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